Cleaning Chemicals

With cleaning chemicals, the results speak for themselves. Unfortunately, consumers are often duped by big budget marketing and fancy advertisements into purchasing products that are hardly as effective in real life as they are shown to be on television screens.

Disinfectant Suppliers

We stock all types of cleaning products for a variety of applications, which includes everything from an all-purpose solution and general disinfectant to toilet cleaner and oven degreaser.

Once you’ve tried and tested the best cleaning chemicals Australia has available, you’ll never trust another brand again. Besides our own range, The Palace, we also source products from trusted local manufacturers that are known for delivering on their promises.

As chemical cleaning suppliers, our main goal is to keep your home or office spotless while still maintaining a fresh smell. Disinfectants and window cleaners can leave behind pungent, chemically-induced odours that could potentially put off visitors, which is why we take care to source products that cut through dirt and grease without leaving behind an unpleasant chemical smell.

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