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Extremely powerful, active ceramic stain remover and restorer that removes built-up soilage from micro pores, grout and uneven “hills and valleys” that are normally exceptionally difficult to remove.

Suitable for use on glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, sawn sandstone, terracotta tiles, semi-glazed quarry tiles, steel trowelled and wood floated concrete, brick and clay pavers with hot or cold water.

Also ideal for use where patterned, anti-slip surfaces are utilised and soilage is apparent in shopping centres, wet floors, hotel kitchens, restaurants, car parks, exterior tiling and factory concrete floors.

Depending on the surface and soilage Punch can be applied to the surface in many ways including: pre-spray,pressure blast and water rinse; mop and manual scrub or auto scrub and rinse; mop and solution pick up; auto scrub, solution pick up and water rinse.

Important: Before use, wear impervious chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses with side shields.

Note: Before use, dilute according to the application type as per the product label.

Highly concentrated alkaline formulation provides extremely high water softening and degreasing qualities

Aggressive cleaning and wetting action penetrates into the pores of vitrified surfaces, helping to lift out old dirt and build up

Results are immediate, especially when auto scrubbing

AQIS approved for use in Export Registered Meat Establishments

PH 13.5 – 14.0