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In the healthcare industry, there are few things more important than hygiene. Improving patient health and keeping staff from spreading disease is key, as well as limiting staff exposure to contaminants while in unavoidable situations. Proper quality barrier protection combined with medical grade cleaning supplies are crucial to a safe workplace. Alpha offers a range of high-quality products to meet these needs.


Protecting yourself and others are essential in the healthcare industry. For this reason, we carry high-quality gloves and disposable clothes protectors to prevent unnecessary exposure to harmful bacteria and other contaminants. We have gloves available in nitrile, latex, and vinyl, and in both powdered and powder-free forms, so you are able to work comfortably and safely. We carry the Abena branded disposable clothes protector – this item provides hygienic protection from fluid and food spillage, and with easy back fastening and a reversible pocket, couldn’t be an easier way to keep yourself clean and safe.


High-quality chemicals are important to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses, especially in the healthcare industry. Foaming hand sanitizer is available that rapidly kills bacteria and can be placed around your workplace to limit the spread of contaminants. For medical grade cleaning, we carry Viraclean – a powerful hospital grade disinfectant effective against a multitude of bacteria and viruses. Quality detergents and deodorizers are important in keeping employees healthy and safe in the workplace.


Alpha offers a range of dry wipes, reinforced for durability even wet when, and ideal for messy, contagious, or contaminated situations where disposable options are preferred. We also carry pre-moistened antiseptic wipes, so you can easily reach for a wipe and clean down surfaces when time is limited.

Tissues & Towels

We offer a range of tissues and towels of high quality. From single use facial tissues to paper towels rolls, Alpha provides all your tissue and towel needs.