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Welcome to Alpha Cleaning Supplies! We are a family-owned local Perth business that caters to all your commercial cleaning supplies. We adhere to the motto of quality in quantity, providing high-quality products in large volumes, and giving you excellent value for money. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and offer next-day delivery. With more than a decade of industry experience, starting as cleaners ourselves, we understand what makes a good quality product. Explore our range of commercial cleaning supplies and see why our valued customers keep coming back for more.

Cleaning Consumables

Alpha offers a wide range of commercial cleaning products at excellent value. We carry all the items you need for floor and carpet care – mops and replacement mop heads, vacuum cleaners and accessories, floor buffers, high-quality detergents, and carpet shampoos. We offer our own line of environmentally friendly chemical cleaners in bulk quantities and all the brushes, bottles, and buckets you need to clean your workplace.

Hygiene Consumables

Maintaining hygiene is important in every workplace. Here at Alpha we understand this and provide high-quality products to limit the spread of germs and keep your business running smoothly. With disinfectant wipes, soap dispensers, and air fresheners available at a great value, Alpha helps keep hygiene a priority for your business.

Staff Room Requisites

A well-stocked staff room goes a long way toward employee retention and productivity. With a range of drink dispensers, Alpha helps easily provide hot coffee or tea for your employees at economical prices. We offer individual-serve cereals so employees never have to worry about energy levels dropping, and with a range of disposable cutlery, dishware, and cups, the staff room can always remain a place for refreshment throughout the day.

Personal Care and Safety Basics

Alpha offers a range of personal protective equipment for your workplace. We carry hi-vis vests that will ensure staff safety. We offer comfortable durable shoes and non-slip mats to limit the chance of damaging slips and falls. From apparel to hygiene, we offer high-quality safety gear at a great value.

Food Service

Food service businesses need more than just good ingredients to be successful – that meal has to make its way to customers safely and reliably. Alpha offers high-quality food packaging and catering supplies to help your business grow and thrive. With a high-quality range of takeaway containers and lids, boxes, and cutlery, Alpha has the items you need at excellent prices.

Healthcare Service

The healthcare industry places a strong focus on hygiene, both for patients and staff. Alpha has medical-grade cleaning supplies and protective gear for your business at economical prices. We offer high-quality gloves, disposable barrier protective clothing, and antiseptic wipes and chemicals that provide a superior level of cleanliness.

Office Supplies

A tidy office is an efficient office, and Alpha has all the office supplies you need to help your business operate at its best. With great prices on pens and stationery and high-quality filing solutions, we can help bring your office up to its potential.

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