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Staff Room Requisites

Staff Room Requisites

A well-stocked break room is a key to an efficient workplace. Providing your staff with tasty office snacks and hot drinks not only increases morale but leads on to increased productivity. At Alpha Cleaning Supplies we have all you need to keep the staff room well supplied, and with our range of disposable coffee cups and cutlery, the room is guaranteed to stay tidy as well. We keep high levels of stock, allowing you to buy in bulk and take advantage of greater savings. Additionally, we offer next day delivery, so there is no reason for daily runs to the local shop as you can be sure to get your products as soon as you need them.


Drink Dispensers

Whether it’s a cool glass of water or a hot drink, Alpha has the products to keep your staff refreshed. We offer a single serve beverage bar, a convenient place to keep coffee or Milo at the ready, and with a single flick, have a premeasured single serve easily dispensed into your cup. We also offer water dispensers, both for hire and for purchase. We offer water coolers in floor or benchtop versions, available in cool/cold or hot/cold options. Alpha makes it easy for you to provide refreshing beverages for your staff.



A little pick me up goes a long way when it’s been a busy day. Be sure to keep your break room well stocked with our range of confectionery and biscuits. We carry Arnott’s biscuits, an Australian favourite, and Allen’s range of lollies individually wrapped making them suitable for placement in a waiting room as well as the staff kitchen.


Hot Beverages

The value of a hot drink in the workplace should not be overlooked, whether it be shared with co-workers over a chat or on your own. We offer Nescafe and Moccona instant coffee, and Caffé Aurora whole beans, as well as Bushell’s, Lipton, and Twinings tea bags. We provide milk, sugar, and cream as well, so your staff should be easily satisfied with a well-stocked break room, able to make hot drinks to their preference.


Cutlery & Dishware

With disposable cutlery, coffee cups and stirrers, as well as plates and napkins, keeping the staff room well stocked and tidy has never been easier. We are proud to carry a line of biodegradable cutlery, for an environmentally conscious choice. We also offer dishwashing detergents and tablets for automatic dishwashers at excellent value.



When energy is low on a busy day, a quick bowl of cereal can be the perfect snack. We offer individual serve cereal packets, from Kellogg’s and Sanitarium, so you always have an easy convenient option for snacking.


Cups & Lids

Alpha Cleaning Supplies offers a wide range of cups and lids for all your beverage needs. We carry foam, plastic, and paper cups, suitable for hot and cold drinks. Our range of cool wave paper cups and lids are the perfect solution for taking a hot beverage out to job sites, without worrying about leaks or spills.