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Hygiene Consumables

Hygiene Consumables

When it comes to the workplace, you don’t want to make any compromises about hygiene. We have often heard about the startlingly low number of employees that wash their hands after using the washroom (only half of employees in some workplaces surveyed!) so maintaining proper hygiene in the rest of the workplace is critical. With our comprehensive range of products and janitorial supplies, make Alpha Cleaning Supplies your choice in Perth for all your cleaning products.

Personal Hygiene

When it comes to personal hygiene, Alpha Cleaning Supplies has you covered. We offer a variety of gloves to keep your hands clean and protected from daily demands. Available in vinyl, nitrile, latex, and rubber, gloves can protect the skin from harsher chemicals and maintain cleanliness for food prep areas. We have a range of facial tissues for comfortable use on sensitive skin. We have hand soap and hand soap dispensers to fit in any area of the workplace, from tight washrooms to highly frequented sinks. We offer toilet paper, dispensers, and toilet and urinal block cleaners to keep your washrooms clean and tidy with minimal effort.

Waste Management

We offer bins and bin liners to suit all businesses. We have bins ranging from small wastebaskets, suitable for under reception desks and in waiting rooms, to large rubbish bins, with 2 or 4 wheels, and up to 1100L in volume. Bins are available in a variety of colours to keep your business neat and organized. We offer bin liners at economical prices, and in all sizes. A torn bin liner can make more mess than it was meant to prevent, so be sure to explore our range of heavy duty liners to make your job of waste management worry free.


Alpha offers professional cleaning chemicals to meet all of your cleaning needs. We have multipurpose cleaners well suited for everyday tasks, such as surface and window cleaning. We have high-quality disinfectants, degreasers, food processing, and laundry chemicals at economical prices. Insect control products are available to prevent ants, flies, and other annoying pest problems. From breakroom sinks to industrial kitchens, we offer high-quality commercial cleaning products for every job.

Air Fresheners

A clean tidy workspace should smell as good as it looks. We offer a range of air fresheners and deodorizers to suit your business. We offer all-purpose spray and room deodorants, such as Glen 20 antibacterial sprays, and specific odour neutralizers for refrigerators. We have deodorizers available in small tab-styles, so you can leave ongoing freshness in each room, as well as larger bulk sized deodorizers to be separated as you please into individual spray bottles. Our range of air fresheners will keep your business fresh and clean.

Cloths and Towels

We offer bulk cleaning supplies and products such as reusable cleaning cloths and rags for multipurpose surface and window cleaning. Microfibre towels are available in a range of sizes and are well suited for cleaning windows, screens, and surfaces with or without chemicals. We have single-use sanitizing wipes, re-moistened with cleaning chemicals for a quick clean at the ready. Paper towels and paper towel dispensers are available in various shapes and styles to best suit your workplace. Alpha offers a range of cloths and towels to suit your needs.