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All purpose spray and wipe that removes general spots, stains and grime on most hard surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning walls, desks, melamine and enamel surfaces as well as porcelain tiles and sinks. It is also safe on plastic surfaces like telephones, computers, desk tops and office equipment.

Increase the concentration to tackle heavy duty jobs such as greasy rotisseries, oven and cook top exteriors. Just spray on the surface and wipe off dirt and grime with ease.

Important: Before use, wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection

Note: Before use, dilute according to the applications type as per the product label. 750ml product is already diluted and ready to use

All purpose cleaner

Will not damage the finish of sensitive surfaces

Two main dilutions make it easy to use and train staff

Highly concentrated formula delivers outstanding cleaning performance

pH: 11.5