Brooms and Handles

At Alpha Cleaning Supplies, we provide our customers with a range of quality brooms and brush ware that they need. We sell a range of brooms and other professional cleaning supplies at affordable prices. These are ideal for sweeping outdoor and indoor locations, especially since they are made with high-quality materials and are durable for use.

To get started, take a look at the brush ware that our brand offers today.


These brooms are ideal for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. We offer soft and hard brooms alike and are available in various sizes (40 cm, 50cm and 60cm). The brooms are light and very easy to use. And in case of damage or wear and tear, the brooms are also easily replaceable.

Broom Handles

Our broom handles are made with high-quality materials and are available in six different colours, these are; blue, red, white, yellow and black. They are able to neatly store brooms, dusters, gardening and sporting equipment and even mops on a single handy wall unit. Our brooms come with extendable poles, and aluminium handles for durability. The broom handles that we offer are great for use in workshops, homes, offices and the like.

Aluminum Handle Holder

The aluminium handle holders that we sell are perfect to be used for storage purposes. They are often used by people who are looking to save space in a minimalist environment. Workshops, warehouses, offices and more can benefit from the handle holders that we provide.

If you’re looking to buy professional cleaning supplies today, give Alpha Cleaning Supplies a call to learn more!