Kleen Blue Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Product Description

Peerless JAL

A high quality concentrated laundry liquid detergent formulated for use in institutional and domestic applications.

Pleasantly scented, tough on greasy soils and produces whiter and brighter results to washable linens.

Kleen Blue is safe for all washables and is effective in hot and cold water.

Can be used as a pre-soak treatment for stubborn stains.

Pre-soak treatment for stubborn stains :
Add 100mil ( 1/2 Cup ) per 5 Litres of water
Normal soiling: add 180 mil ( 3/4 Cup ) per tub of water
Heavily soiled: Add 250mil ( 1 Cup )
Hand Washing: 125ml ( 1/2 Cup ) per 10 Litres of water